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Baillie Lee

Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media

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The In-Between

‘The In-between’ is a project that examines the line between the real and the dream. It is representation of a more hidden and an obscure side to the world. Through the mediums of black and white film photography and digital processing, this body of work challenges the conventional visual language of reality whilst exploring the conceptual relationship between the technical process and subject matter. Inspired by the photographic series named ‘Yesterday’s Sandwich’ by Boris Mikhailov, this work replicates the method of placing one image on top of another to generate a new photograph. The black and white film images are then printed onto transparencies and then re-shot digitally in a studio based environment. These photographs attempts to represent the manipulation of natural and architectural features that reveal eerie and chilling qualities. The dripping nature of the mixture of black and white and sepia tones is the manifestation of movement as the visual pieces are bring read one after another. Therefore, examination of the line between the real and the dream unleashes the notion of ‘the double’ and constructed through the response on whether what is seen to be real or not. This individual experience is what shapes ‘The In-between’ line.