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Sean Irwin

Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media

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Relent is a single channel video projection and sound work that brings a spotlight to background elements of scene building and sound design. The work aims to deconstruct the climactic cinematic experience in order to minimally expose the emotional undercurrent of cinema. The work is made up of a two act primal narrative.  Within these two acts the aim is to create distinct pieces of cinema that build an atmospheric world.

Each scene aims to bring to the forefront an exposition of cinematic emotion. The undercurrents of a films mise en scène are exposed as minimal visual cues, whilst maintaining an attention to narrative structure and essential story-telling


Metabolic is a single channel video projection which aims to convey alien textures and atmosphere. By using scale to render perspective from the pseudo molecular through to the topographic it aims to instil a sense of familiar organics whilst remaining otherworldly. The work makes use of cinematic principles, whilst also abstracting general motifs of the science fiction genre.

The work is part of a larger photographic series which builds through different mediums to create subjects that are perhaps not of this world, but of a foreign ecosystem.